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Do religious people hold more heteronormative attitudes? Dogmatic beliefs may matter
Ryan Richardson, Lynne Onishi, Alejandra Davalos, and Greer King


Aduro: Leadership that Lights Others Afire
Paul Yost, Stormy McCarragher, Mackenzie Allison, and Elizabeth Hicks


Images of aging, well-being, and life satisfaction among independently living older adults
Delaney O'Brien, Maddie Grigg, Naomi Isenberg, Samantha Jacobson, Nicholas Van Baak, Delaney O'Brien, Jan Anderson, Karen Tanzy, and Nancy Weinbeck


A review of collaborative biopsychosocial healthcare worldwide
Sadie Teal, John Charleson, Jyssica Seebeck, and John Thoburn


Relationship between body image satisfaction and Instagram usage amongst female adolescents
Aubrey Lane, Alena Davis, Shazia Shafaat, Jon Davis, and Daniel Arteaga


Development of an assessment for maternal incest
Deb Runke, Jordan Beirlein, Jesse Dunn, Elaine Buskoe, Lexie Carroll, and Matt Bieber


Personality, perceived benefits, and willingness to mentor in formal programs
Kristen Voetmann, Dana Kendall, Scott Campanario, Vatia Caldwell, and Mathea Krogstad


Differentiating language ability and sensory symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorders
Elizabeth Bisi, Tara Rutter, Vanessa Zhou, Bryce Van Vleet, and Beverly J. Wilson


The role receptive and expressive language on social initiations in young children with autism
Rachael Bowler, Elizabeth Bisi, Alexis Thomas, Caitlin Carlson, and Beverly J. Wilson


The role of theory of mind on the stress intensity of parents of children with ASD
Rachael Bowler, Taja Estrada, Audrey Lee, Tara Rutter, Bryce Van Vleet, and Beverly J. Wilson


Impact of receptive language and sensory symptoms on delay of gratification in children with autism spectrum disorders
Elizabeth Bisi, Rachael Bowler, Julianne Myers, Audrey Lee, and Beverly J. Wilson


I'm guilty and I need to talk about it: Word count and guilt association
Jessica Fossum, Talia Johnson, and Thomas Carpenter

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