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Ruth, Bible Commentary


  1. Introduction to the Book of Ruth
  2. Tragedy strikes the family of Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:1-22)
  3. God’s blessing is the source of human productivity (Ruth 2:1-4)
  4. God bestows his blessing of productivity through human labor (Ruth 2:5-7)
  5. Receiving God’s blessing of productivity means respecting co-workers (Ruth 2:8-16)
  6. God calls people to provide opportunities for the poor to work productively (Ruth 2:17-23)
    • God’s law calls people of means to provide economic opportunities for the poor (Ruth 2:17-23)
    • God leads individuals to provide economic opportunities for the poor and vulnerable (Ruth 2:17-23)
  7. God’s blessing is redoubled when people work according to his ways (Ruth 3:1-4:18)
  8. God works through human ingenuity (Ruth 3:1-18)
  9. God works through legal processes (Ruth 4:1-12)
  10. God works through the fruitfulness of childbearing (Ruth 4:13-18)
  11. Conclusions about the Book of Ruth


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