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Ethics, Truth & Deception


  1. Truthtelling in the Bible
    • Truthtelling is the Norm in the Bible
    • Exceptions to Truthtelling in the Bible
  2. Why Truthtelling is Important
    • Authentic Communication Requires Truthtelling
    • Trust and Cooperation Require Truthtelling
    • Human Dignity Requires Truthtelling
  3. Truthtelling in the Workplace
    • Financial Statements Must Tell the Truth
    • There May be Exceptions to Truthtelling in the Workplace
      • Puffery/exaggeration
      • White lies
      • Bluffing
    • When Someone Has No Right to the Truth
      • Deception to obtain information you have a right to know
      • Information you have no right to know
      • Social implications of protecting information others have no right to know
  4. Conclusions About Truth & Deception
  5. Key Biblical Texts on Truth & Deception


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