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Master of Arts (Christian Studies) - MA (CSt)



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Daniel Castelo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology


The "priesthood and prophethood of all believers" motifs are two theological perspectives which consider the function of all persons who make up the body of Christ to be as priests and prophets alongside their other callings. Historically though, proponents of the two motifs have neglected to interact them with one another; the priesthood motif simply casts Christians as priests and the prophethood motif depicts them solely as prophets. The perspectives have been siloed from one another, preventing a fuller understanding of both Christian identity and roles within the body of Christ. This thesis attempts to show how the two motifs can be harmonized with one another for mutual enrichment through "incorporated Trinitarianism," a theme advanced by Sarah Coakley; it also hopes to show how modern-day Christians may readily understand themselves as participating in the divine life through their daily service to humanity as priests and prophets.


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