Date of Award

Spring 6-6-2019

Document Type

Honors Project

University Scholars Director

Dr. Christine Chaney

First Advisor/Committee Member

Professor Laura Lasworth

Second Advisor/Committee Member

Dr. Katie Kresser


history, illustration, osage


The following project is in two parts: A series of concept art and illustration pieces surrounding the history of the Osage Nation, and a research paper detailing that history and exploring the process of creating the aforementioned visual pieces. The artworks are designed around an original story set during the 1920s on the Osage reservation, and explore past history of the Osage people as a part of that. The paper also discusses the author’s personal response to the research, and explores themes of ignorance and social justice as the project draws to a close.


A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the University Scholars Honors Program.

Piece 1.PNG (4020 kB)
Character design for Steven

Piece 2.jpg (1711 kB)
Color Script

Piece 3.JPG (2047 kB)
Fall Illustration

Piece 4.JPG (797 kB)
Character Lineup

Piece 5.1.PNG (7928 kB)
Perspective: Morning

Piece 5.2.JPG (2569 kB)
Perspective: Afternoon

Piece 5.3.JPG (2351 kB)
Perspective: Evening

Piece 6.PNG (15359 kB)
The Storm

Piece 7.PNG (6673 kB)

Piece 8.PNG (8289 kB)

Piece 9.PNG (6237 kB)

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