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Spring 2021

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Honors Project

University Scholars Director

Dr. Christine Chaney

First Advisor/Committee Member

Dr. Alissa Walter

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Dr. Alberto Ferreiro


inalienability, archives, cultural nationalism, cultural internationalism Iraq, Cambodia


This paper contrasts the handling, provenance, and application of the Ba’ath Party Archives with that of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge Records. While similar in many facets, the events surrounding the Ba’ath Party Archives received heavy ridicule while the international community largely supported the handling of the Khmer Rouge records. The comparison of the Cambodian and Iraqi case studies’ distinct differences reveal why international opinion varies. It also emphasizes a gap within standard understanding concerning archival law and practices. This exploration will reveal that current archival dialogue focuses too much on a dichotomous relationship between international and national concerns. The author posits that cultural accessibility is a shared concern and a more important standard when deciding on a strategy for addressing disputed archives.


A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the University Scholars Honors Program.

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