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Spring 6-2-2023

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Honors Project

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Dr. Christine Chaney

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Dr. Traynor Hansen

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Dr. Rebecca Hughes


In 1817, The British Museum put on display a collection of sculptures taken by Lord Elgin from the Parthenon in Greece, and the controversy of the so-called “Elgin Marbles” began. The event of the marbles’ removal from Greece and display in Britain inspired poets such as John Keats and Lord Byron, who wrote of the beauty of the sculptures and the loss for Greece. The subject of the Marbles and the poets have been critically discussed at length—one need only type “Elgin Marbles” into a search bar to be met with countless recent articles about them. On the other hand, Keats and Byron are nearly synonymous with the latter half of the Romantic movement. Many a critic has already written about their fascination with Ancient Greece. However, not enough been written directly relating these subjects, even though both Keats and Byron wrote about the Marbles directly in their work. This project aims to bridge the gap between the Marbles, the poetry, and museum theory to understand how they all speak to each other.

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