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Over the past three years a concerted effort has been made to collect the land plants from the 100 acres comprising Camp Casey. The following guide is offered so that various persons who visit the Camp may become better acquainted with the plants. Insofar as possible technical language normally encountered in more formal presentations has been eliminated.

The guide is divided into two parts - a Key to Species, and an Annotated List. Illustrations of the species reference can be found in the works of Hitchcock, Gilkey, or Lyons (see Literature Cited).

Plants have been separated into trees (woody perennial plants with one main stem), shrubs (woody perennial plants with several stems per plant), shrubs (woody perennial plants with several stems per plant), herbs, ferns, and a horsetail. Herbs are differentiated on the basis of flower color, with the exception of one group, which is set apart on the basis of inconspicuous flowers. No grasses are included. Numbers in parentheses after species names in the Key to Species refer to the numbers of those species in the Annotated List.

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