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This study examines the model of faith-business integration developed at ServiceMaster, and relatedly Bill Pollard’s role in developing and implementing it. My argument is that ServiceMaster’s celebrated 4 corporate goals functioned both as a mission statement defining the core of the business, but at the same time also as “philosophy of Christian ministry” infusing their core business with the Christian faith. As used, the 4 goals functioned as a faith-business integration model in its own right, deserving a place alongside other models and thereby deserving reflective analysis and evaluation. To that end, this study examines how the model came to be and how it functioned. Further, attention is drawn to how well within the model the two dimensions (Christian faith and business mission) coinhere under the real-world business pressures encountered at ServiceMaster. Particularly here the study will mention the strategic business choices made by Pollard’s predecessors, Pollard himself, and to a lesser degree, the board. My purpose with the study is to show the model’s promises and potential shortcomings to assist students and Christians in business seeking ways to integrate their faith with their business.

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