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ServiceMaster developed their capacity of managing diversity in diverse global workforce, workplace, and marketplace through their deep-rooted four objectives: Honor God in all we do, help people to develop, pursue excellence, and grow profitability. The leaders used these four objectives to make quality decisions in the midst of differences, similarities, and the related tensions and complexities. The leaders practiced the concept of “shingles on a roof”, exemplified the characteristics of diversity-mature individuals, advocated the integration-learning perspective of diversity, developed religious inclusivity, promoted minorities and women as leaders, developed a teaching and learning organization culture. Managing diversity at ServiceMaster were embedded in people and heavily leadership programmed. When a new leader came and did not want to follow the four objectives or learn from the previous leaders, the culture of honoring God and valuing employees can be easily replaced by tangible business outcomes. It is essential for ServiceMaster to institutionalize their diversity management and mature the organization in their diversity practices through systematic definitions of their required diversity and measure their progress through systematic culture audit, strategic goals and planning.

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