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In this memo sent to his grandson, Pollard provides a summary of the concept of "Management as a Liberal Art" in addition to a letter from Peter Drucker and several documents with Drucker quotations. The latter are taking from the following sources:

Drucker, P. (1942) The Freedom of Industrial Man. Virginia Quarterly Review 18 (4),481-499. The citation comes from pp. 482-483.

Drucker, P.F. (1988). Teaching the Work of Management. New Management 6 (2), 2-5. The citation comes from p. 5. Drucker, P.F. (1989). The New Realities: In government and politics, in economics and business, in society and worldview. New York: Harper and Row. The citation comes from p. 231. Drucker, P.F. (1959). Landmarks of Tomorrow. New York: Harper and Brothers. The citation comes from pp. 264-65.

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