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Winter 3-10-2021

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Nursing students from Seattle Pacific University implemented a demographic and health survey and COVID-19 vaccine information pamphlet for staff and residents at at our assigned agency in Seattle, Washington. Using the nursing process, the nursing students assessed the needs of the agency using the community resources and information from the Resident Service Coordinator, then formed nursing diagnoses based on this reliable information. The nursing students continued the process by using SMART goals to plan for their community health project which included conducting and analyzing a comprehensive health survey of the population for the agency residents so that staff will have resources detailing their residents’ health needs and the opportunity to plan future activities and education that can be better tailored to the residents’ needs (see Appendix A). The nursing students also created a COVID-19 vaccine information pamphlet to provide basic information about the vaccine to appear in the Agencies' monthly newsletter (see Appendix B). These goals were then implemented. The success of the survey project was evaluated by receiving 25% completed surveys. The nursing students were unable to evaluate the staff responsiveness from the health survey results or the success of the COVID-19 vaccine education due to the allotted project timeline but would have done this through a pre-survey and post-survey to evaluate the effectiveness of both education resources.

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