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Colossians, Philemon, Bible Commentary


  1. Introduction to Colossians and Philemon
  2. Background on Colossae and the Colossians
  3. God at Work, Jesus at Work (Col 1:15-20)
  4. God Worked in Creation, Making Humans Workers in His Image (Col 1:1-14)
  5. Jesus, the Image of the Invisible God (Col 1:15-29)
  6. I'm Doing Alright by Myself (Col 2:1-23)
  7. Heavenly Living for Earthly Good: The Shape of our Reorientation (Col 3:1-16)
  8. Doing our Work as for the Lord (Col 3:17 & 3:23)
  9. Of Slaves and Masters, Ancient and Contemporary (Col 3:18-4:1)
  10. Philemon
  11. Conclusions to Colossians and Philemon
  12. Key Verses and Themes in Colossians and Philemon


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