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Proverbs, Bible Commentary


  1. Introduction to Proverbs
  2. About the Book of Proverbs
  3. What Do the Proverbs Have to Do With Work?
    • The Valiant Woman (Proverbs 31:10-31)
  4. The Wise Worker is Trustworthy (Proverbs)
    • A Trustworthy Worker is Faithful to His or Her Fiduciary Responsibilities (Proverbs)
    • A Trustworthy Worker is Honest (Proverbs)
  5. The Wise Worker is Diligent (Proverbs)
    • A Diligent Worker is Hard-working (Proverbs)
    • A Diligent Worker Plans for the Long Term (Proverbs)
    • A Diligent Worker Contributes to the Profitability of the Enterprise (Proverbs)
    • A Diligent Worker Can Smile at the Future (Proverbs)
  6. The Wise Worker is Shrewd (Proverbs)
  7. The Wise Worker is Generous (Proverbs)
  8. The Wise Worker is Just (Proverbs)
  9. The Wise Worker Guards the Tongue (Proverbs)
  10. The Wise Worker is Modest (Proverbs)
  11. Conclusion to Proverbs
  12. Index by Chapter-Verse (Proverbs)


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