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Jeremiah, Lamentations, Bible Commentary


  1. Introduction to Jeremiah and Lamentations
  2. Jeremiah and His Times (Jeremiah and Lamentations)
  3. An Overview of the Book of Jeremiah
  4. Work-related Themes in the Book of Jeremiah
    • Calling to Work (Jeremiah 1)
    • Goodness and Defilement of Work (Jeremiah 2)
    • Acknowledgement of God's Provision (Jeremiah 5)
      • Material Success and Failure (Jeremiah 5)
    • Injustice, Greed, the Common Good and Integrity (Jeremiah 5-8)
    • Faith in God's Provision (Jeremiah 8-16)
    • Work Within a Balanced Life (Jeremiah 17)
    • Blessing the Wider Society Through Work (Jeremiah 29)
      • God's Presence Everywhere (Jeremiah 29)
      • Blessing for All Peoples (Jeremiah 29)
    • The Goodness of Work Restored (Jeremiah 30-33)
    • Slaves Set Free (Jeremiah 34)
    • Taking a Stand at Work (Jeremiah 38)
  5. Jeremiah the Poet at Work: Lamentations


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