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Workplaces, Equipping Church


  1. What is God’s Mission in the World?
  2. How does human work connect to God’s work?
  3. What does this mean for people’s daily work?
  4. How can we equip our people for God’s work in the world?
    • Equipping churches have a vision of God at work where their people work
    • Equipping churches actively hunt for examples and resources
    • Equipping churches connect daily work to worship
    • Equipping churches address the opportunities and challenges their people face at work
    • Equipping churches invest resources in equipping people for daily work
    • Equipping churches create structures to sustain this ministry
    • Equipping churches empower and collaborate with people in the congregation to lead the ministry
    • Equipping churches release and support their people for work outside the church
    • Equipping churches encourage everyone to take responsibility
    • Equipping churches include daily work as part of their compassion/outreach/service ministries
  5. Conclusions About Equipping Churches


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