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1 Samuel


by William Messenger

Executive Editor, Theology of Work Project

Adapted from a talk at the Faith@Work Summit, October 24, 2014

Probably everyone interested in faith and work knows some Bible passages related to work, but did you realize that those passages are not rare highlights, but representative samples of the Bible? To put it in biblical words, “The cattle on a thousand hills” are the Lord’s, not just the temple on the hill of Zion. Once I took off my church-polarized lenses, I saw that a lot of the Bible has to do with work. It’s impossible to summarize 859 passages in the usual three bullet points, so I don’t have an easy-to-remember guide to the biblical foundations of work. My message is not, “We read the Bible so you don’t have to.” My message is, “If you want to know about work, read the Bible.” We hope the TOW Bible Commentary can help. We’ve provided all kinds of navigation aids to help users find relevant materials, including tags, free-text search, and topical overviews that bring together all the passages from all across the Bible.


Contributed to Digital Commons @ SPU with permission from the Theology of Work Project.

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