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Workplaces, Ethics At Work, Exodus, Organizational Culture, Mission Statement, Integrity, Customer Service


The senior management of Software Dynamics, Inc. had just completed its Business Roadmap, spelling out SDI’s Vision, Mission, Values and Guiding Principles. One section described the company’s position toward its customers: “We realize we are dependent on close relationships with our clients, and will go the extra mile to assure we are meeting their requirements and serving their needs.” Shortly after, the purchasing agent for one of SDI’s largest customers asked to meet privately with Paul, SDI’s sales manager. It was soon clear he wanted more than good service, delivery and competitive pricing. He wanted a personal “commission,” a percentage of SDI’s next order, and demanded Paul’s immediate response. The loss of this key account would affect everyone at SDI. The company had, after all, committed to “go the extra mile” for its customers. But Paul considered a larger issue at stake, expressed in SDI’s Corporate Values—to always act with integrity. Paul’s very next words could impact SDI’s future for years to come.


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