John Beckett

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Workplaces, Conflict, Proverbs, Servanthood, Organizational Culture, Customer Service


It had been one of those long, aggravating days—the kind where the nerves of everyone in the company were on edge. At least it’s almost over, thought Carlos, the customer service representative for Ace Windows and Doors. Just as he reached for his coat, his phone rang. “I’ve tried for half an hour, and I can’t get your Model SD 92 storm door to lock properly,” said the frustrated customer. Carlos knew this complaint and knew instantly the caller hadn’t even cracked the owner’s manual. “Listen,” said Carlos, “I’ll just bet anything you haven’t read the instructions that came with the door. If you had, you could have avoided this call. We make quality products. We stand by them, but give us a break. I’ll tell you how to lock the door—but next time, please read the manual!”


Contributed to Digital Commons @ SPU with permission from the Theology of Work Project.

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