John Beckett

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Workplaces, Leadership, Matthew, Stakeholder Interests, Multiple Bottom Lines, Employee Satisfaction


Gunter was reeling. The board of Mastech had brought him in as CEO to move the company forward. He had been selected not only because of his proven business skills, but because he cared about people. Now the board was adamant: “You’re just being soft, Gunter. You care about people so much you’re not making the tough decisions. You’ll never improve the bottom line of this company unless you start swinging the axe. Get to it, or…um…the axe may fall on you!” The directive hit Gunter right in the gut. For a year he had been trying to build a winning, productive team. Now this: do whatever it takes to boost profits! If he didn’t cut the workforce, his days with Mastech were surely numbered. But could he continue to build morale and slash personnel at the same time?


Contributed to Digital Commons @ SPU with permission from the Theology of Work Project.

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