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Acts, Bible Commentary


  1. Introduction to Acts
  2. The Beginning of God's New World (Acts 1-4)
    • A Community with a Mission (Act 1:6)
    • An Orienting Vocation for the Kingdom of God (Acts 1:8)
    • An Orienting Identity as God's Kingdom Witnesses in Daily Life (Acts 2:1-41)
    • An Orienting Community that Practices the Ways of God's Kingdom (Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-38)
      • The Economics of Radical Generosity (Acts 2:45; 4:34-35)
      • The Holy Spirit Empowers Radical Generosity With Every Kind of Resource (Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-38)
      • A Just Community Is a Witness to the World (Acts 2:47; 6:7)
  3. A Clash of Kingdoms: Community and Power (Acts 5-7)
    • Ananias and Sapphira: A Case of Malicious Identity (Acts 5:1-11)
    • The Spirit and the Worker (Acts 6:1-7)
      • Serving the Word and Serving Tables are Equally Valuable (Acts 6:2-4)
      • The Work of Community Leadership is a Work of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:3)
  4. Work and Identity (Acts 8-12)
  5. A Clash of Kingdoms: Community and Powerbrokers (Acts 13-19)
    • Vocation in the Context of Community (Acts 13:1-3)
    • Leadership and Decision Making in the Christian Community (Acts 15)
    • The Community of the Spirit Confronts the Brokers of Power (Acts 16 and 19)
      • Confrontation Over the Liberation of a Slave Girl in Philippi (Acts 16:16-24)
      • Confrontation Over the Disruption of Trade in Ephesus (Acts 19:21-41)
    • Engaging the Culture with Respect (Acts 17:16-34)
    • Tent Making and Christian Life (Acts 18:1-4)
    • The Gospel and Limits to Vocation and Engagement (Acts 19:17-20)
  6. Leadership as Witness (Acts 20-28)
    • Paul's Courage (Acts 20-28)
    • Paul's Suffering (Acts 20-28)
    • Paul's Respect (Acts 20-28)
    • Paul's Concern for Others (Acts 20-28)
  7. Conclusion to Acts
  8. Key Verses and Themes in Acts


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