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Workplaces, Sharing Faith, Matthew, Interconnection Of The Secular And Sacred, Faith, Courage


Findlay debated with himself for some time, and then made a conscious decision to leave a Bible on his desk at work. Since becoming a believer he wanted to let others know about his newfound faith, and had concluded this small step could open some doors. It didn’t take long for Findlay to get a response. Into his office walked the Manager of Human Relations: “My friend, what is that? Have you become one of those?” A chill went down Findlay’s spine. He knew his next words were important, so he lifted a quick prayer for what to say. “Ahh, I’m glad you noticed. I actually brought it in yesterday. Some things have happened in my life, and this book is part of the story.” “Well, with all due respect,” replied the manager, “the story will have to wait for another day. But just a reminder, your first responsibility is to this company. For me, religion is a private matter, and belongs at home and for Sundays.”


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