Paul T. Walls spent 31 years on SPU’s Board of Trustees and was known for his integrity and financial acumen. A successful career in real estate cultivated his ability to help manage the growth of Seattle Pacific from a college into a university. So too did his life of strong and active service to the Free Methodist Church at both local and national levels.

Before his death in 1998, Paul and his wife, Vera, established an educational foundation to help students realize a seminary education that provides the intellectual and spiritual leadership to stimulate and strengthen the denomination into the future.


Submissions from 2023

“Holiness Abolitionism: Christians Modeling Racial Justice:” A Dialogue on Race and Faith, Douglas Strong, Sègbégnon Gnonhossou, Matthew Sigler, and Jemar Tisby

Submissions from 2021

"For it Seemed Good to the Holy Spirit and to Us:" A Wesleyan Pneumatology of Scripture, Robert W. Wall

Submissions from 2019


The Greatest Archaeological Find Ever: Discovering Jesus’ Personal Bible, Frank Spina

Submissions from 2018


Rethinking the Bible: Scripture’s Future at SPU, Rob Wall and Daniel Castelo

Submissions from 2017


The History of Scripture at SPU, Robert W. Wall

Submissions from 2016


The Evolution of God's New Creation, Rob Wall and Cara Wall-Scheffler

Submissions from 2015


I Knew When Written on My Heart: Experience and the Knowledge of God, Doug Koskela

Submissions from 2014


The Book of Revelation in the Present Tense, Rob Wall

Submissions from 2013


Holiness In Black and White: Women, Race, and Sanctification, Priscilla Pope-Levison

Submissions from 2012


The Salvation of a "Sinister Kid", Rob Wall and Anthony B. Robinson

Submissions from 2011


Empire, Church, Missio Dei: On Praying for Our Kings: 1 Timothy 2:1–2, Rob Wall

Submissions from 2010


John's John: The Tenor of Scripture in a Wesleyan Key, Part Three, Rob Wall

Submissions from 2009


John's John: The Tenor of Scripture in a Wesleyan Key, Part Two, Rob Wall

Submissions from 2008


John's John: The Tenor of Scripture in a Wesleyan Key, Part One, Rob Wall

Submissions from 2007


How Free is "Free" Methodism: The Importance of SPU's Religious Legacy, Rob Wall

Submissions from 2004


Understanding Christ's Passion, Randy Maddox

Submissions from 2003


Celebrating the Whole Wesley, Randy Maddox

Submissions from 2002


Left Behind? or Right Ahead! A Wesleyan Perspective On Eschatology and the Difference it Makes, Randy Maddox

Submissions from 2001


Formation and Reflection: The Dynamics of Theology In Christian Life, Randy Maddox

Submissions from 2000


John Wesley: Holistic Healer, Randy Maddox

Submissions from 1998


John Wesley on Salvation: Truly Evangelical—Truly, Randy Maddox

Submissions from 1992


Crisis and Strategy: The Apostle Paul as Task Theologian, William L. Lane