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Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Bible Commentary


  1. Introduction to Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther
  2. Restoration of the Temple (Ezra 1:1-6:22)
  3. Restoration of Covenant Life, Phase One: The Work of Ezra (Ezra 7:1-10:44)
  4. Restoration of the Wall of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:1-7:73)
    • Bridging the Sacred-Secular Divide (Nehemiah 1:1-1:10)
    • Does Trusting God Mean Turning to Prayer, Taking "Practical" Action, or Both? (Nehemiah 1:11-4:23)
    • Connecting Lending Practices to the Fear of the Lord (Nehemiah 5:1-5:19)
    • Nehemiah Gives Credit to God (Nehemiah 6:1-7:73)
  5. Restoration of Covenant Life, Phase Two: Ezra and Nehemiah Together (Nehemiah 8:1-13:31)
  6. Working Within a Fallen System (Esther)
  7. God’s Hidden Hand and Human Response (Esther)
  8. Conclusions to Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther
  9. Key Verses and Themes in Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther


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