The Greatest Archaeological Find Ever: Discovering Jesus’ Personal Bible


Frank Spina

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This lecture’s title sounds like a sensationalized claim about a stunning archaeological find. It is nothing of the sort. In fact, we have had Jesus’ personal Bible longer than we have had the New Testament. Christians refer to this Bible as the Old Testament. This Bible was the only one Jesus ever read, the only one Jesus recognized as God’s word, and the only one Jesus insisted testified throughout to himself.

This Bible was also accepted as authoritative by Jesus’ disciples, the crowds that Jesus addressed, and every New Testament author, who claimed that everything Jesus said and did was “according to the Scriptures.”

Given this reality, how did the view of the Old Testament become so negative in the Christian imagination? What explains Christians’ neglect and sometime denigration of Jesus’ Bible — apart from a handful of favorite stories, some Psalms, and the famous Christological texts?

The 2019 Walls Lecture will attempt to address that question by pointing out the weakness of the allegations against the Old Testament and simultaneously emphasizing how the Church might benefit by regarding it as Jesus and the New Testament authors did.

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