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Master of Arts (Christian Scripture) - MA (CSc)



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Frank Spina, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament


Bible Isaiah xlii 7, Isaiah 42:7


This thesis explores the theme of sense-lessness throughout Isaiah in connection with the sin of idolatry and prophetic expectation that Israel and Judah will one day be reunited. It explores Isaiah's use of a metaphorical trope to communicate the spiritual reality of Israel's insensibility and Isaiah's anticipation of YHWH's restorative action on their behalf. The restoration of Israel's senses portrays Israel's metaphorical features (eyes, ears, hearts) finally fulfilling their proper purpose before God (seeing, hearing, understanding), which are representative of the deeper spiritual reality that they at last will find their proper function as the people of God. Their senses must be restored so that they might finally see, hear, perceive, and respond to the voice of YHWH and the needs of the helpless among them. Israel's right sensory knowledge of God is prerequisite of their restoration and reunification.

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