Date of Award

Winter 12-20-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PhD)


Industrial/Organizational Psychology

First Advisor/Committee Member

Dana Kendall, PhD

Second Advisor/Committee Member

Jenny Vaydich, PhD

Third Advisor/Committee Member

Emily Pelosi, PhD


Pay Transparency, Fairness, Organizational Attraction, Intentions to Apply, Pay Discrimination, Pay Inequity, Gen Z, Millennials


In the wake of the Great Resignation, employers are desperate to recruit and attract employees (Fanning, 2021). Women employees tend to enhance organizational performance, and as younger employees make up a substantial portion of the workforce, organizations should position themselves to attract younger women employees (McKinsey & LeanIn, 2021; 2022). I suggest pay transparency (PT) as one strategy to attract and trigger application intentions through increased fairness. In the study, I conducted an experimental study on 301 women of ages 18 to 45 where one company promoted PT, and another did not promote PT to better understand applicant attitudes. Serial mediation and exploratory factor analyses were conducted. Results from the exploratory factor analysis revealed that organizational attraction and intent to apply needed to be collapsed into a single construct, employment desire. There were significant differences in fairness perceptions between organizations with PT and no PT, t(210)=15.54, p