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The history of marine algal collections along the coast of Whidbey Island dates back to the work of N. L. Gardner, who made extensive collections on the island from 1897 to 1901. Except for small incidental collections, no major effort has been applied to the Whidbey Island marine flora since Gardner ' s work. The herbaria of the University of Washington and of the University of British Colombia were examined but contain few specimens from the island. Dr. Richard Norris, University of Washington, made several collections at West Beach during the summers, from 1949 to 1951. Other known algal collections from the Puget Sound region do not include material from Whidbey Island .

Work herein reported covers a four year period from 1962-1966. At three locations collections were made on a seasonal basis: Camp Casey Beach (immediately north of Admiralty Head), West Beach, and Deception Pass. A lesser amount of work was done at Bush Point. One collection each was made at Double Bluffs in Useless Bay and at East Point on the east side of the island. Observations, which were made as a part of a general Puget Sound survey for Zostera marina L. during 1962-1963 , substantiate remarks to be made concerning distribution patterns and ecological conditions existing on t he east side of Whidbey Island.

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