Most Recent Additions*


Recruiting Volunteers for New Horizons' Apprenticeship Program for Homeless Young Adults
Helena J. Balbirona, Jenny H. Chong, Evelyn Gutierrez, Veronika I. Ivakhnenko, Sofia K. Struiksma, and Alicia L. Wong


Implementation of Mindfulness-Based Movement for Sheltered Women
Rhea Rughani, Oliver Armand, Ashley Murrieta Ortega, Erin Murphy, Jordan Greenshield, and Alorea Mae Domingo


Trauma-Informed Student-Volunteer Toolkit
Isabella Beisel, Tiff Butac, Amal Mohamed, Alexa Kourtis, Cassidy McCandless, and Chloe Travis


Implementation of Interactive Self-Help Bingo Activities to Promote Social Interaction within Angeline’s Women's Shelter
Alora Mae Greene, Jennifer Hoag, Kiana Hwynn, Jana Johnson, Sophie Skinner, and Jacob Wong


COVID-19 Testing and Education at the Allen Family Center
Zoe Beck, Elijah Chong-Gum, Josselyn Gonzalez Perea, Sydnie Gould, Emily Planck, and Kamila Tracey

*Updated as of 05/16/22.