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Awards Ceremony and door prize drawing
Seattle Pacific University


Dinner for Presenters with Jovonia Taylor
Seattle Pacific University


Student Oral Presentations and Poster Session
Seattle Pacific University


Seattle Pacific University


Martin Square Mystery
Mikayla Valentin and Hannah Roosendaal


Sagnac Interferomter
Jonathan Ringdahl


How to Feed Your Dragon
Mark Brumberg, Linnea Weicht, and Kole Yoshimura


Getting a Move on When the Louvre's Bombed
Robert Chung, Ian Starkey, and Tait Weicht


The Aftermath: Optimizing Medical Resource Allocation via Quadcopter Post-Disaster
Rebecca Butler, Jessica Fossum, and Leslie Mavrakis


Strategy for Countering Opioid Crisis
Jezen Alexander, Jian Zhao, and Christian Alfonso


Game of Ecology: Modeling the Life of Dragons
Mary Kate La Bar, Destiny Cleary, and Sarah Farrell


The Mandelbrot Set
Kole Yoshimura

*Updated as of 04/17/21.