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Triaging Your Health Concerns
James Bato Borja, Jasleen Mendoza, Addie McCuistion, Jordan Artz, Julia Greeley, and Ashley Diloreto


Coping Strategies for Addiction Recovery and Homelessness
Joy Fendley, Bridget Gehring, Luke Hannan, Ellie Leonard, Stephanie Anne Villaflor, and Allison Wilks


Dental Hygiene for Homeless Youth in Seattle
Natalie Lane Roy, Eleanor Grace Jensen, Julianne Misaki Metzger, Jennifer Johnson, Sean Kim, and Jack Goodman


Coming Alongside Women Experiencing Homelessness
Alexis Dang, Brianna Cowan, Tashayla Braxton, Ellen Jacobs, Elizabeth Cortes, and Erin Smith


Provision of Naloxone and Opioid Overdose Education on a Private University Campus
Jessie Robertson, Ana Pena Garcia, Hannah Hill, Paul Christen Alvestad, and Joelle Berger


Closing Remarks
Seattle Pacific University


Opening Address
Seattle Pacific University


Effects of social isolation, diet, and sex on behavioral flexibility in rats
Madelyn Rice, Emily McCurry, Ellie Jancola, Graysen Delich, and Phillip Baker


Mental health in the workplace: First-generation professionals & maladaptive perfectionism.
Cammy Widman, Timothy Overstreet, Melissa-Ann Lagunas, Munyi Shea, and Joel Jin


Through the looking glass: from high school to college
Julia Flores, Alina Kerney, Miranda Oddy, Tia Pu, Ruth Addisu, Rowan Mclaughlin, Eddie Cruz-Cruz, Jason Moore, and Sydney Naour

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