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Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)



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Nyaradzo Mvududu, Ed.D.

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Cher Edwards, Ph.D.

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Jorge Preciado, Ph.D.


Cultural Competency, Critical Race Theory, Multicultural Education, Exploratory Factor Analysis


The purpose of this study was to uncover a rich theoretical basis of cultural competency and awareness in education and create an instrument, Educators Scale of Student Diversity (ESSD), which reliably and validly measures cultural competency in educators. Current measures lack in both a wide theoretical basis of cultural competency as it relates to educators in diverse teaching environments and in reported psychometric quality. The ESSD derived from a wide range of theoretical constructs that encompass the experience of modern teachers in diverse environments. The original 50 items, which were written after an extensive literature review, were reviewed by a panel of experts in the fields of cultural competency and race in education, resulting in a 48-item instrument. A pilot study of 372 K-12 teachers in a medium-sized public school district in the Pacific Northwest was then conducted. A factor analysis resulted in a 22-item instrument consisting of 4 subscales: Race and Bias, Culturally Responsive Instruction, Sociopolitical Context, and Diversity in Education. Cronbach’s alpha, an assessment of reliability, was .88 for the scale, suggesting reliability. A correlational analysis was performed with the Cultural Diversity Awareness Index to establish convergent validity and showed a moderate positive relationship.

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