Date of Award

Summer 6-1-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)



First Advisor/Committee Member

Dr. Munyi Shea

Second Advisor/Committee Member

Dr. Kristine Gritter

Third Advisor/Committee Member

Dr. Jorge Preciado


Culturally responsive teaching, social–emotional learning, literacy instruction, English language learners, teacher education programs, pedagogical approaches


This dissertation includes two previous research studies with a central theme to sustain and advance culturally and linguistically responsive practices in literacy instruction, which are essential for promoting diversity and equity. This work highlights the need for a more holistic approach to English language teaching that integrates culturally responsive teaching and social–emotional learning. Culturally responsive teaching recognizes the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in the classroom. Social–emotional learning focuses on developing students’ emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, which are critical for academic success and overall well-being. Both studies call for a greater diversity of language teacher preparation curricula and teaching practices that incorporates cultural and social–emotional competencies into coursework to empower teachers to effectively engage students from diverse backgrounds and make literacy learning experiences relevant to their communities and meaningful to their cultural identities. The findings of these studies reveal implications for teacher education and literacy instruction for diverse learners. There are several potential research directions highlighted in the final chapter.