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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Dr. Julie Antilla, PhD

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Dr. Nyaradzo Mvududu, EdD

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Dr. Peter Renn, EdD


equitable hiring practices, human resource director, human resource preparation, Critical Race Theory


District Human Resource departments are tasked with developing rationale, policies, and a hiring process that prioritizes hiring high quality applicants that reflect diverse backgrounds with proven experience and success with district student populations. Staff must hire diverse candidates but to do so, they must examine the implications for equitable hiring practices and remove obstacles and barriers currently in place. The purpose of this paper is to research district action plans and system changes that are taking place in schools to hire a diverse staff. State laws, district policies, and action plans are a great step but how the steps are implemented by personnel across a school system can determine the success or failure of established expectations. A commitment to preparing, engaging, hiring, and retaining a diverse educational team is crucial to student achievement. What training and professional development do Human Resource Directors in Stanley County have to implement equitable hiring expectations and what preparation and support do they need to develop a racially diverse educator workforce? HR Director preparation for equitable hiring outcomes is vital for system success.