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Spring 3-9-2016

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Thomas L Alsbury

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John Bond

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David Wicks


education administration, social media, education social relationship management, Social-CRM, communication, public relations


The purpose of this study was to determine usage and perception of superintendent participation in social media for the purposes of public relations and communication in the State of Washington. Tenets of Social-Customer Relationship Management (Social-CRM) were used as the theory to support how social media can be used to establish and enhance public relations with school district stakeholders. Washington’s (N = 295) school district superintendents were electronically surveyed to collect data on their use and perception of social media utilization for public relations and communication. The data were analyzed to determine how Washington superintendents use social media for public relations, and to identify their perceptions of how social media use affects school district public relations and communication. The study found social media to be an effective tool benefiting public relations and communication. The study also found school district size as a factor impacting superintendent participation and perception of social media.

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