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Master of Arts in Reconciliation and Intercultural Studies (MA-RIS)



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Brian Bantum, Ph.D., Professor of Theology


Anti-racism—Study and teaching; Christian education—Curricula; Christian life; Jesus Christ—Crucifixion; Passion narratives (Gospels); Racism—Religious aspects—Christianity; Storytelling; Thomas, Angie, 1988- . The Hate U Give; Whites—Race identity


Christians are a people immersed in story—the story of God as it is revealed in Scripture and the story of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection that continues to redeem our personal and systemic stories. As our world is diseased with the story of white supremacy, this project seeks to locate Christian vocation in the performative art of storytelling that actively seeks to dismantle the violent narrative of racial difference through the practice of reading Scripture with a liberating hermeneutic. This curriculum (a Lenten devotional) allows participants to sit with two haunting stories over the course of the Lenten season—the story of Christ’s crucifixion and a modern story of police brutality as is told in The Hate U Give.

It integrates the young adult novel The Hate U Give with texts from the Revised Common Lectionary so that predominantly white churches might experientially know racism and white supremacy in relation to community and context. It seeks to offer a way for Christian discipleship to take seriously the need to see and repent of the power of whiteness in individuals and communities, and to facilitate Christian formation that promotes truth-telling, confession, repentance, and story-telling.

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