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  1. What Finance Is
  2. God’s Purposes for Finance
    • Finance Helps Reveal the Glory of God’s Creation
    • Finance Helps Us Fulfill the Creation Mandate to Be Good Stewards
    • Finance Can Be a Means of Justice and Love
  3. The Foundations of Finance are Created by God
    • We are Timebound
    • We are Social
    • We are Heterogeneous
    • We Act as Agents
    • We Make Promises
    • We Are Not Omniscient
    • We Create Resources for a Future that We Do Not Know
    • We Are Risk Takers
    • Conclusion to the Foundations of Finance are Created by God
  4. Financial Institutions
    • Currency
    • Intermediaries
      • Can we really love someone through intermediaries?
    • Instruments
    • Prices
      • Can a market exchange really be love?
      • Does the Bible prohibit charging interest?
    • Conclusion to Financial Institutions
  5. Finance and the Fall
    • Unaffordability of borrowing by the poor
    • Exploitation of borrowers
    • Unproductive use of proceeds
    • Is there still scope for finance to fulfill God’s purposes?
  6. Redeemed Finance
    • Finance Professionals
      • Working in a Bank
      • Making Lending Decisions
      • Working at a Hedge Fund
    • Borrowers
      • The Right Amount of Debt
      • Offering Collateral to Get a Loan
      • Bankruptcy, debt forgiveness and loan modification
    • Savers and Lenders
  7. Conclusions


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