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Workplaces, Rest and Work, Malachi, Priorities, Family & Work


Maria had been preparing for this day for several months, and now her Saturday morning piano recital was nearly here. Best of all, her daddy would be coming! Her excitement helped her overlook all the times he’d had to miss such events because of his work. Then, just a day before the recital, her dad’s boss called. Would history repeat? Would he be called out of town again? From what Maria overheard, she knew her dad was doing his best to get out of making the trip. But as soon as he hung up it was obvious he was unsuccessful. He would be on a flight that evening. Maria did her best to be grown up. After all she was almost ten. But her sadness was deeper than usual this time. “Why does work always have to come ahead of our important family times?” she wondered. “Isn’t there a way to have both?”


Contributed to Digital Commons @ SPU with permission from the Theology of Work Project.

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