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Workplaces, Leadership, Proverbs, Respect, Power, Mercy, Integrity, Accountability


Dr. Gonzales was a highly skilled dentist who came across to his patients as unusually caring and compassionate. He took extra time so clients were reassured and understood the procedures they were walking through. He occasionally provided services without charge for those who couldn’t afford them, and followed up to make sure his patients were making good progress. However there was a problem with some members of his staff. They took advantage of their boss’s tender nature, cutting corners in ways that would never be permitted in a demanding, no-nonsense workplace. They didn’t feel accountable. Dr. Gonzales needed to make some changes, or eventually his patients and reputation would suffer. He had to command the highest level of respect and professional diligence from his co-workers, without losing his gentle and caring nature. But just how to do this was another matter. He simply wasn’t sure.


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