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Beyond Borders, Braden, United States, Russia


Is it possible to look out over the Ural Mountains and see Appalachia? To find the character of the American West in the vast open space of Siberia? To smell the citrus and feel the warm sun of the Black Sea coast and be struck with a sense of Florida?

This book is based on just such an idea: that we can look beyond our borders and discover fundamental realities about places that transcend differences of culture, language, and politics. Five American and four Russian geographers wrote this book to provide glimpses of understanding about the United States and Russia. Despite the size and power of our two nations and more than seventy years of cold war, we seem to have a meager comprehension of each other, perhaps because each country is so often viewed as a monolith and we emphasize our differences, rather than similarities.

The authors of this book worked together in the hopes of overcoming some misimpressions of the past. Beyond Borders became an experiment - an attempt to compare the United States and Russia by pairing up and analyzing eleven regions. We have therefore taken the rather risky step of suggesting similarities between New England and Novgorod, between Odessa and New Orleans, between Moscow and New York. But perhaps the time has never been more appropriate for such a new approach to geography because so many people seem adrift on the changing world map. In an era when establishes states are breaking up, new alliances are forming, and the very idea of state sovereignty is being transformed, we may begin to question whether all these lines on the map actually mean anything to people. Is there an underlying "real" geography which can provide an anchor?

BEYOND BORDERS Table of Contents.pdf (51 kB)
Beyond Borders - Table of Contents

chapter 1 Introduction.pdf (782 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter 2 the_core.pdf (4631 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Two: The Core

Chapter 3 the_north.pdf (3736 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Three: The North

Chapter 4 the_south.pdf (3524 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Four: The South

Chapter 5 the_heartland.pdf (3206 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Five: The Heartland

Chapter 6 the_crossroads.pdf (2902 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Six: The Crossroads

Chapter 7 the_breadbasket.pdf (4099 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Seven: The Breadbasket

Chapter 8 the_oldmountains.pdf (3735 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Eight: The Old Mountains

Chapter 9 the_tropicalsouth.pdf (3936 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Nine: Tropical South

Chapter 10 mexistan.pdf (3626 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Ten: Mexistan

Chapter 11 the_landocean.pdf (4342 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Eleven: The Land Ocean

Chapter 12 the_pacificedge.pdf (4360 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Twelve: Pacific Edge

Chapter 13 Conclusion.pdf (632 kB)
Beyond Borders - Chapter Thirteen: Conclusions

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