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Spring 6-3-2017

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Honors Project

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Dr. Jeff Keuss

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Dr. David Nienhuis

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Dr. Bob Drovdahl


curriculum, theology, social justice, identity, race, Christian


Despite much writing on the intersection of race and ethnicity and theology, there are few suitable resources for high school teachers at Protestant Christian schools, so this project seeks to fill that gap by providing a curriculum written for conservative, Christian high schools. The curriculum emphasizes the study of scripture and theological witness in conjunction with relevant literature and media to challenge students to consider a more holistic understanding of the role of identity, inclusion, justice, and reconciliation in their faith. This will be facilitated by asking thought-provoking questions, thinking through issues of faith, providing a foundation for theological exploration, and connecting embodied faith to the world with the intention of preparing students to be citizens who are involved in their communities and aware of the diversity of experiences and resulting effects on individuals. By engaging and learning these topics, students will learn to communicate, think critically, and create connections, which will be imperative for their future lives. The curriculum was developed and curated from research drawn from a myriad of sources including blogs, articles, books, and lectures. It is designed to be a semester long course where it can be adapted to meet the schedule of the school.


A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the University Scholars Program


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