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Master of Arts in Theology (MA)



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Sara M. Koenig, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies

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Owen Ewald, Ph.D., C. May Marston Associate Professor of Classical Languages and Civilizations


Agent (Philosophy); Bible. Old Testament; Combat; Ḥērem (The Hebrew word); Ḥrm (The Hebrew root); Revelation; Violence in the Bible; War—Religious aspects—Judaism; Spiritual formation; War—Biblical teaching; War in the Bible; Women—Violence against; Women and war; Women in war


This thesis examines the manners and methods employed in the battles of Old Testament passages and what they reveal about the spiritual formation of God’s people in times of combat. Paralleled with this examination, this thesis analyzes certain female figures who have played a significant role in Old Testament narratives of combat and violence. Through this study, the analysis of female figures reveal how their character and/ or actions impacted the precipitation of warfare, participation in military victory, and finally establishing their own testimonies that challenge the implications and integrity of the Biblical master narratives.

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